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As far as the future is concerned, experts agree that Ljubljana will see growing demand from both local and foreigner buyers.

"Ljubljana is now more popular among foreign investors as they have, over last few years, seen the city improve at a fast pace," says Justin Young of Slovenian Estates. That improvement is set to continue. Several projects are now under construction and will make of Ljubljana a landmark and architecture reference in Eastern Europe.Projects such as the winning architectural design Situla complex, the new railway station included in the modern Emonika City Centre, Tobacna City residential and office complex, the new Opera House, the high Crystal Palace, the new Stozice Arena and many others are transforming Ljubljana in a new city where modernity and art merge with culture in a perfect harmony.

Young says these developments are helping to tempt foreign buyers back to Slovenia: "Signs of recovery are already visible given the growing interest of overseas buyers who are returning again; they are always a good barometer of change," he says.

He is encouraging his clients to buy: "Now is the time to make a decision to buy given the good deals available on the market. Prices are at their bottom, banks are slowing lending again and supply is superb right now. There is a lot of choice and competition in the market, allowing buyers far more opportunity than in the past few years."

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Source: Slovenia Times, March 2011.